Fave Five for Finding the Perfect Vintage Find

Fave Five for Finding the Perfect Vintage Finds
While many of us may love shopping, and especially vintage shopping at local antique shops, thrift stores, estate sales and at other small businesses, sometimes we get overwhelmed by searching through "all the things".  It's easy to get sidetracked, or mislead when shopping for true vintage items so here's a quick and easy shopping guide to keep you on track while browsing your favorite (or exploring new!) shops for that awesome must-have vintage find: 
Solid Wood Furniture Pieces
Look for solid wood pieces that have dovetail joints in the drawers and solid plywood drawer liners.  Avoid anything that has pressed/particle board or plastic drawer liners as those will warp more easily over time and not withstand daily use as long as their real wood, 50-100 year old counterparts.
Naturally Aged Accessories
Natural aging occurs due to oxidation (contact with the air) and use. To find an authentic farmhouse chic enamelware water pitcher, look for signs of wear on the base, at the spouts and handles.  Green patina naturally occurs on copper and some brass pieces so look inside and out on those collectibles for signs of age.
Unique Markings
Flip over those estate sale items and look for etched, painted or even handwritten labels indicating an item’s age and origin.  A gold oval “Made in China” sticker is a sure sign of a modern knock off.
Upcycled Items
One-of-a-kind items made from salvaged materials or a vintage item (like our mirrored wooden tennis rackets) are sure to add that element of fun, style and uniqueness to your space.
Avoid Mass Produced Replicas
Be careful of those big box knockoffs (I'm talking about you, Hobby Lobby, Christmas Tree Shops, HomeGoods andTarget ;)  I love you all, but....let's be real).  They can actually be more expensive than their authentic originals.  Or be so cheap that your 90% off sale leads to a 9 day later breakage....so, check those identifying markings especially when shopping thrift and consignment shops if you're looking for the real deal
Lastly, reimagined items can prove useful to you if you just have the eye to see beyond their intended purposes, as seen below:
When in doubt, go with your gut.  Do you like it?   Will it serves its purpose? Then by all means, scoop it up and enjoy making your house a place you call home.
(see the excerpt as featured in The Bay magazine April 2019 "Old is the New New" Tips from a Thrifter

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  • There is nothing like finding a great vintage piece. I always wonder about it’s past. I wish they could talk. Every scratch and knick is part of its past. I find myself picturing it in its original setting.


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