No Longer Bored Thanks to Board & Batten!

There’s nothing like being welcomed into a home with a neat and organized entryway.  It’s the stuff that makes me heave a sigh of contentment.  But this old house did not a welcome entry have.

What it did have was… potential.


Upon first viewing, the partially wallpapered, partially stucco walls were covered in an area with what appeared to be mold.  Thankfully, on careful inspection, I realized it was a faux sponge treatment gone terribly, terribly wrong (slightly shiny dark brown paint sponged on = no.  Just no.)

Before anyone freaks out, we did remove part of that wall later and no, definitely not mold.  Just an ugly attempt on faux finishing.

The biggest issue was that it was evident that people had tried to break in, on what appeared to be more than one occasion, since it was vacant for so long.  A new door was ordered that first week at Remodelers Outlet in Fall River.

The biggest functional issue was the doorway opening to the right (when coming in), which meant you had to squish yourself into the corner on the front porch up against an outside wall to unlock the door (the keyhole would be shielded by the shadow of one’s body if we tried to enter that way at night) and once in, you’d have to push past a cast iron heater and go directly into the dining room to the left to be able to then close said door.

If you were coming in alone, ok, fine, it could be handled, but when welcoming in guests, it was a foreseeable nightmare:

Guests would be left outside in the cold, possibly pushed off the front steps by the door swinging out onto the porch.  Others would make their way in, only to be scalded by the radiator or scared to death by their hidden hostess, who’d have to wait behind the door to let them in.  Everyone would be corralled into the dining room before they could even get their coats off, let alone any wet or snow clad shoes. 

Add in two little kids that would be coming in behind us every day and the scenario with the heater seemed even worse. Shudder.

With a new door, came a new swing.  I told my dad my plans and in true architect fashion, he said it couldn’t be done; that it wouldn’t make sense.  Me, being equally stubborn, protested and said I was going to switch it anyways and had already ordered the door.

Not until he came to finish the install process of trimming it out and tucking the door under the eyebrow arch of shingles on the porch did he concede and tell me I was right.  Hahahaha, no, he never said that.  What he did say was “Hmmmm, you could put a screen door on this now and it would open flush to the house from the outside and your front door would be opened flush to the wall on the inside.” Translation: YOU WERE RIGHT and IT LOOKS GREAT.  I smiled and agreed, knowing what he meant.  I’m sure it’s hard at times for a type A, perfectionist, trained designer, builder, and architectural illustrator to see that his equally type A, perfectionist, stubborn daughter could be equally as creative in the design world. He’s great at what he does and every time we get stuck with how to do this or figure out that, he figures it out.  Every.Single.Time.  Hugs to dad.

Finally, we had a new door.  Cue the hallelujah chorus!

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